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Real Doctor Reacts to Dangers of Vaping and E-Cigarettes | Medical Myths With Doctor ER

Are vape pens, e-cigarettes, and JUULs a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes? Real doctor, Jordan Wagner, explains the dangers of vaping. Welcome to my Myths About Medicine series. In today’s episode, I discuss the potential dangers and risks of vaping and electronic cigarettes. You have seen it on ABC News, CNN, and all over the headlines lately that children and teens are now using these nicotine delivery devices at epidemic rates. People all over the country are dying from serious lung-related illnesses and complications allegedly associated with these e-cigarette devices. I am diving headfirst into the debate and answering questions like: Can vaping lead to serious risk and injury? Or are they actually a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes? Please watch this video as I answer all of your questions and clear up common misconceptions and myths about vaping. UPDATE: More research has come out that a majority of the cases are related to THC products but not all. Check out the most recent news about EVALI! If you want me to continue making educational medical videos about various diseases and illnesses, or if you want me to answer any other medical questions you have, please give this video a ‘like’ and leave me a comment below on which topic you’d like to see me cover next. Thanks so much for watching!


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