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ER Doctor //
Board-Certified Emergency Physician


Dr. Jordan Wagner, DO

Born the youngest of four and raised on Long Island, NY until I was 17 years old.  I later moved to North Carolina for college. I have traveled the world for soccer matches and tournaments and played all through college as well.  I played at East Carolina University and then transferred to UNC-Chapel Hill where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.  I went on to later become an EMT and worked as a research scientist for a biotech company before going to medical school in Maine.  After 4 short years, I graduated medical school and continued on to complete my residency in Rhode Island and to train as an Emergency Medicine physician.  After four years there, and with some of the best experiences I have ever had under my belt, I later moved to Boston where I worked for 2 years as an ER doctor and Instructor of Medicine for Harvard Medical School.  Despite loving my work and experiences in Boston, ultimately it was the cold and snowy winters that pushed me to look for a warmer climate and city and I ended up getting a great job at Sharp Hospital in Chula Vista, where I work as an ER Doctor.  I have been in California for over 6 years, married my best friend, and now work in multiple ERs. When I am not working in the Emergency Room or teaching or learning (medicine), I enjoy golfing, cooking, playing the piano, spending time with friends, and family. I also enjoy staying in shape, healthy living, and living a happy life.  My belief in life is such: when it comes to the end of the day, no matter what you do in life, the most important thing is having a smile on your face and in your soul, and sharing it with the world.  

Dr. Jordan Wagner


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