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Board-Certified Emergency Physician


Dr. Jordan Wagner, DO

Dr. Jordan Wagner's journey began as the youngest of four, growing up on Long Island, New York, until the age of 17. His passion for soccer led him to travel the world for matches and tournaments, a journey that continued through his college years in North Carolina. Driven by his interest in biology, he played collegiate soccer at East Carolina University before transferring to UNC-Chapel Hill, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology.


After graduating, Dr. Wagner embarked on a diverse career path. He first became an EMT and then transitioned into the realm of research as a scientist for a biotech company. His academic pursuits led him to medical school in Maine, where he completed his medical education in just four years. Following this, he pursued residency in Rhode Island and specialized as an Emergency Medicine physician.


For four years, Dr. Wagner thrived in Rhode Island, accumulating invaluable experiences. Seeking new horizons, he made his way to Boston, where he served as an ER doctor and Instructor of Medicine for Harvard Medical School for two years. Although he cherished his work in Boston, the allure of a warmer climate prompted him to relocate to Chula Vista, California, where he secured a rewarding position at Sharp Hospital as an ER Doctor.


Now residing in California for over six years, Dr. Wagner has not only found professional success but also personal fulfillment. He married his best friend and continues to excel in multiple ERs. Beyond the fast-paced environment of the Emergency Room, he finds joy in golfing, cooking, playing the piano, and spending quality time with friends and family. Committed to a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Wagner prioritizes staying in shape and believes in living a happy life. His philosophy centers on the importance of ending each day with a smile on one's face and in one's soul, sharing that positivity with the world.

Dr. Jordan Wagner


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