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Real Doctor Reacts to Measles | Medical Myths With Doctor ER

What does measles do to our body? Do we need a vaccination? How does the immune system react to it? Dr. Jordan Wagner explains all of the facts and myths about measles. Welcome to my Myths About Medicine series. In today’s episode, I go into detail about measles, a highly infectious disease that has been all over the news headlines lately. Can measles leave you with permanent brain damage? Is measles spread through kissing? Should you go to the emergency room if you think you have the measles? Please watch this video as I answer all of your questions and clear up common misconceptions and myths about measles. If you want me to continue making educational medical videos about various diseases and illnesses, or if you want me to answer any other medical questions you have, please give this video a ‘like’ and leave me a comment below on which topic you’d like to see me cover next.


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