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ER Doctor REACTS to Houston Jones DUMBEST Injuries (ft. Houston Jones)

ER Doctor Jordan Wagner is back with ER doctor reacts to Houston Jones injuries and medical scenes with Houston Jones. Doctor Wagner, a real life emergency physician Houston Jones reaction / real doctor reacts to houston jones worst injuries, Bro Labs and Bodybuilder VS. experiment. Doctor Jordan Wagner watches and reacts to best of HOUSTON JONES funniest moments and tells us what is accurate and what is not in these Houston Jones funny video challenge pranks.

Houston Jones is an American YouTuber and bodybuilder. He is basically a human punching bag and does painful things with paintball and airsoft in the name of science so you don't have to. Today Doctor Wagner, from Experts React on Gamology will be watching and reacting to Houston Jones for the first time with the man himself, so try not to laugh or you lose. With Houston Jones funny moments compilation there is no shortage of injuries and medical satire for ER Doctor Gamology Jordan Wagner to analyze. ER doctor breaks down clips that made Houston Jones famous from Tearing my Muscles with a TACTICAL WARHAMMER so Nobody else has to *MY MOST EXTREME EXPERIMENT YET*, Creating the WORLD'S LONGEST BRUISE Experiment *PURE AGONY*, Eating SOUR SKITTLES until I lose all my TONGUE SKIN *Insane Pain* | Bodybuilder VS Candy Challenge, Creating the WORST TIRE BURN INJURY of all Time *MY WORST INJURY EVER* | Bodybuilder VS Rubber Burns, and Getting 2nd DEGREE BURNS Walking Across HOT COALS so nobody else has to | Bodybuilder VS Fire Walk in this Houston Jones review collab. If you want Dr. Jordan Wagner to continue making this doctor reaction series or video game reaction series and collab with Houston Jones again, please give this video a like and leave a comment on which TV show or funny memes you'd like for them to review next.


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