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Emergency Room 911 or Urgent Care or Doctor Visit | Medical Advice With Doctor ER

Learn about where you should go when you have a medical emergency. Should you go to an emergency room or urgent care facility? Real doctor, Jordan Wagners discusses when you should go to an ER and when to go to urgent care. Doctor ER Dr. Jordan Wagner, a real-life emergency room doctor, talks about when you the patient, should go to the emergency room, and when you should not go for your medical problems. Did you cut off your finger or are you having a heart attack and want to rush yourself to the ER? Should you drive? Or do you just call 9-1-1? On the other hand, perhaps your patient diagnosis is a bit milder and you think you should instead head to the urgent care medical office so you don’t have to wait for the next five hours of your life? But can they do x-rays? On the other hand, if your ailment is more routine and procedural, should you skip the emergency room wait times altogether and just schedule a future visit with your primary doctor? Doctor ER to the rescue! I will answer all of your emergent medical questions and to the best of his ability to help you decide which of the medical offices are right for you based on the severity of your ailment. All that and more! Also, if you have any other medical questions that you want answers to, please leave me a message in the comments below! Thanks so much for watching!


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